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Prizm tokens

The guys over at Cemetech have started researching Prizm tokens and the layout of BASIC programs. I’ve been involved somewhat – mainly with writing stuff into my Prizm and reading it with a hex editor. I haven’t done much yet, but the others seem to have worked a lot! I think Kerm is also planning to integrate this into SourceCoder. Let’s hope that this will be useful for Casio-BASIC programmers.

On another note, we should probably add this to the wiki. And there are other things to add to the wiki too, like the syscalls… I’ll have to talk with the others and see if we can figure out a way to organize the wiki content. If you haven’t visited it yet, you can do so here:


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Prizm contest!

The third part of Omnimaga’s programming contest has been revealed, and as many of us guessed, it’s for the Prizm. However, unlike the other two parts, it’s not necessary to write a game. The kinds of programs that are allowed are “Casio PRIZM game[s], Programming Tool[s] or Media Player[s]”. I want to enter, but I don’t really know any C, and I’m still busy with Mr. Mudkip 3. Maybe I’ll be able to create something anyway…

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Seems like my Guitar Hero controller is broken

Today, I was going to play a bit of Rock Band 3 with my family (lineup: good guitarist, good bassist, horrible vocalist) on PS3, just as usual. But when scrolling through the menus, the cursor started behaving oddly… Sometimes when I strummed up, the cursor moved back down. I went through the menus anyway, picked Lasso, started alt-strumming, and… Well, my guitar (it’s a Les Paul) was overstrumming. I failed the song. ;_;

I’ve had issues with overstrumming guitars before, on Wii (it was also a Les Paul). I didn’t know to fix it, so I sent it in to Activision. They didn’t know how to fix it either, so I got a WoR-tar for free. It was useless (because I already had a WT-tar, and the SP button placement sucks), and then my disc drive stopped working anyway.

After figuring out that something was wrong with the PS3 guitar, I attempted to find out what was wrong.  Luckily, I had written a PC program for connecting to PS3 GH controllers a while ago, so I started it and connected the USB receiver. At first, the guitar was strumming down every time I pressed a button hard enough, or when the controller itself was pressed hard enough. After I had pressed it a few times, the strum bar started to report the down status even when I didn’t do anything (except for strumming up).

In short: Time to play more PS2!

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