Seems like my Guitar Hero controller is broken

Today, I was going to play a bit of Rock Band 3 with my family (lineup: good guitarist, good bassist, horrible vocalist) on PS3, just as usual. But when scrolling through the menus, the cursor started behaving oddly… Sometimes when I strummed up, the cursor moved back down. I went through the menus anyway, picked Lasso, started alt-strumming, and… Well, my guitar (it’s a Les Paul) was overstrumming. I failed the song. ;_;

I’ve had issues with overstrumming guitars before, on Wii (it was also a Les Paul). I didn’t know to fix it, so I sent it in to Activision. They didn’t know how to fix it either, so I got a WoR-tar for free. It was useless (because I already had a WT-tar, and the SP button placement sucks), and then my disc drive stopped working anyway.

After figuring out that something was wrong with the PS3 guitar, I attempted to find out what was wrong.  Luckily, I had written a PC program for connecting to PS3 GH controllers a while ago, so I started it and connected the USB receiver. At first, the guitar was strumming down every time I pressed a button hard enough, or when the controller itself was pressed hard enough. After I had pressed it a few times, the strum bar started to report the down status even when I didn’t do anything (except for strumming up).

In short: Time to play more PS2!

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