I’ve started playing Minecraft

I thought that it wasn’t going to happen, but I’ve started playing Minecraft now. I guess I can blame Humble Indie Bundle 3 for making me start to play it. Earlier, I was trying to avoid this game so that I wouldn’t get too addicted to it, but maybe I will now. It’s lots of fun to play on an SMP server with only a few people playing, and it feels like I never want to stop…

However, since I didn’t actually purchase Minecraft, I can only play until Sunday (which happens to be around the time when ZFG ends, so that I can play Minecraft during all of it). I might not be able to purchase Minecraft after that since I don’t have a lot of money right now. Maybe I’ll buy it later instead, so that I can wait a bit with getting addicted.

I need to build more tunnels around my house now. They’re so fun. :3

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