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Prizm tokens

The guys over at Cemetech have started researching Prizm tokens and the layout of BASIC programs. I’ve been involved somewhat – mainly with writing stuff into my Prizm and reading it with a hex editor. I haven’t done much yet, but the others seem to have worked a lot! I think Kerm is also planning to integrate this into SourceCoder. Let’s hope that this will be useful for Casio-BASIC programmers.

On another note, we should probably add this to the wiki. And there are other things to add to the wiki too, like the syscalls… I’ll have to talk with the others and see if we can figure out a way to organize the wiki content. If you haven’t visited it yet, you can do so here:


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Prizm contest!

The third part of Omnimaga’s programming contest has been revealed, and as many of us guessed, it’s for the Prizm. However, unlike the other two parts, it’s not necessary to write a game. The kinds of programs that are allowed are “Casio PRIZM game[s], Programming Tool[s] or Media Player[s]”. I want to enter, but I don’t really know any C, and I’m still busy with Mr. Mudkip 3. Maybe I’ll be able to create something anyway…

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What I’ll be doing this summer

It’s summer again… This means that I’ll have more time to work on my projects (since I don’t have school) and that I have less time to work on my projects (since my parents don’t want me to sit in front of a computer/calculator all day). But I have a problem – I don’t know which one of my projects is more important. I’ve got Mr. Mudkip 3, a PC game that was started two years ago, and I also need to make some stuff for the Prizm. Both are very important, but in different ways…

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